Sunday, January 15, 2012


The snow has fallen, covering the berries for the birds. There are paths across the lawn left by foraging squirrels. seeking seeds buried beneath...
Life continues with a gentle simplicity...

Within the cottage, nestled before a roaring fire there is time to indulge in a bit of knitting. An ever so soft handspun from Storybook Fibers is on the needles.

The kitties are lying like ragdolls on the slate beneath the woodstove and even Miss Maddie is enjoying the serenity...

Wishing you a lovely week ahead.


  1. Hello Susan...doesn't everything look just so peaceful...Squirrels foraging...we aren't likely to see that over here but it does all sound like it comes from a storybook...Wishing you a wonderful week as well xoxo

  2. Mmmm - that is serene - every bit of it.

  3. Miss Maddie certainly knows the best place to be when it's cold outside. She's so cute.

  4. It looks like everyone is keeping cozy and warm over here. That is the nice thing about winter. We are allowed to slow down and take it easy. One must always look at the sunny side. :)
    xo Catherine

  5. Oh Susan, so good to have found you again and the beautiful blog you share with Ling Ling, Lu Lu and Miss Maddie. Seems everyone has just the perfect place for a January day.

  6. This post really was a delight to read Susan. I can just see you sitting there with your knitting enjoying the Winter's day. I love the fact that LingLing and LuLu love to lay on the slate. That is just where Jackson likes to lay. The tiles heat up from the reflection through the glass. Sometimes it gets really hot too, but it's one of his favorite places to be.
    Miss Maddie looks like she has it made :)
    The yarns you use in your creations are always so pretty and soft. This will be beautiful when it is complete.
    I just love coming here because it is always serene and calming.
    Many many hugs my friend...

  7. Peaceful bliss...gentle perfection!
    Wishing you joy in the delights of wintertime Susan.

    Most warmly,
    Judy x

  8. Miss Maddie is so sweet! She knows how to spend winter, and so do you. Everything sounds lovely.

    Thank you for your sweet comment over at my blog. I used to have an online shop and sell crafts/art, but closed it when we were so busy building our cottage. Now at almost 60 years old, I think I'll just do what Grandma Moses did - paint for the sheer joy of it.

    Happy weekend to you, sweet Susan!
    ~ Zuzu

  9. Dear little Miss Maddie. What a sweet phot of her. Love the yarn. It looks so soft and warm.. Happy knitting! Ros

  10. Hi Susan, I can just feel the warmth from the fire and all the snuggling going on over there with all the little fur balls!! I love the yarn you are using, my colour way, and know it will be made into something beautiful for our snowy days which have arrived. N ? Xo

  11. My goodness Susan, you make an art out of staying warm and serene in those harsh winters you have out there. I can feel the warmth of the fire and the cosiness of the pretty yarn.

    I have recently learned that I suffer from winter depression. It is the greyness and lack of light that gets me down. I would rather have a snowy landscape to marvel at and by the sounds of it, you have plenty of that!

    Btw I must put your new blog on my blog list.

    Stay warm and cosy.