Monday, April 16, 2012

Candyfloss Confection

Here amongst the Great Lakes laden with rich soil once deposited by the receding Ice Age lies the Niagara Region...

Well known for its vineyards that produce award winning ice wines it is also home to endless orchards...

Long before the fruit is picked in Summer, this time of year it is awash in pink and white...

Blossoms coloured like candyfloss beckon the honeybees to work their magic flitting about pollinating the profusion of prettiness...

The heady fragrance is intoxicating.

I hope you too are enjoying the beauty of Spring...


  1. Hi Susan, this post is excruciatingly beautiful....I am missing all this loveliness, away for a bit from our gorgeous Niagara blossoms....Thank you for bringing me these images all the way to California, dear friend. N.XO

  2. Such a beautiful post! I find my visits to you are always so uplifting. I just love to see the glimpses of your life in your corner of our beautiful world. Have a good week. Ros

  3. Ooooh, absolutely magnificent! When I close my eyes, I am able to enjoy the scent of blooms from my wee perch. Thank you for sharing the sights, sounds, and fragrance of your magical world!

    Wishing you bliss Susan...
    Judy ox

  4. Mmmmm.... I bet these smell terrific! I think I saw some buds appearing on my apple trees yesterday. Will I eventually enjoy blossoms like this soon? I am hoping!
    xo Catherine

  5. It must be so beautiful in your part of the world at the moment with all that blossom around.

  6. what a wonder of nature, all this beautiful blossoms!
    Alot of orchards here lost there blossoms to a severe frost.
    Devastating for the farmers. After 91 degrees on Monday, we are back to very low night temps.
    Can't believe, that you are so sheltered up there.
    By the way, are these your little kittens? I love them...want a kitty so bad, but hubby says no.
    I am sorry that I have been such a bad blogger lately....still dealing with that darn back.
    Wishing you a beutiful spring day,

  7. ohhhhhhh!
    Quanta meraviglia!
    Una gioia per il cuore!

  8. These are so gorgeous Susan, I love it at Cherry Blossom time too. My neighbour has two in her garden and this week every time I have opened the blinds first thing, I've been treated to such delights!

    Hugs Jane

  9. These photos are dreamy Susan. You are so blessed to live where you live! I think I can smell them all the way to Idaho my dear friend.
    I loved your post of 'tiny things'. I love your paper art. She's a pretty little thing :)
    I can see you are having a beautiful spring up there.
    sending hugs...

  10. They are all so very gorgeous. We had snow again this week, but I'm keeping my eyes open for tiny mountain blossoms.
    Wishing you a lovely one, Susan!

  11. thanks for visiting us. love your shots... love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  12. I can well imagine how beautiful it must be near you, Susan.
    I'd thought we'd get to NOTL this summer for the festival, but it's not to be. With the wedding, all the family that we might see there will be coming here.......but how I'd love to see the shows.

  13. Oh Susan how absolutely beautiful...I can almost smell the scent from here! We are cooler here now but quite warm here today...26c...our Autumn has been fact, almost better than the Summer just passed...Thank you so much for popping in...Wishing you a beautiful Spring weekend...Dzintra and JoJo xoxo

  14. Just to let you know that I've left you an award on my blog. Don't feel obliged to accept it, I just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog.

  15. Oh yes I bet they smell like heaven...what a pretty post!!!

  16. What glorious blossom pictures!

    I live in a small village in the UK and the hedgerows hereabouts are filled with wild damson, wild plum, and blackthorn ... as you can imagine they are all frothy white just now, so beautiful.

  17. Such beautiful blossom Susan, the fragrance must be balm for the soul.

    How wonderfully spring-like it is over there!

    Adieu from rain-lashed Suffolk ...


  18. I'm back for another peek at your gorgeous blossoms. Sigh. So very beautiful! :)
    I hope you have a lovely weekend, Susan!

  19. Mmmmmmmm! I can practically smell the fragrance now! The photos are amazing, Susan!

  20. A perfect title to describe this confection of nature's beauty and the season! The descriptions of the area match our impressions from a visit years ago. Your blog is lovely as are your photographs!

    Many thanks for stopping by, your visit is much appreciated!