Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 We as humans have the unique capacity to adore, cherish and love...

Though most of those affections are given to our people companions, it is our beloved pets we indulge in a different devotion...

Be it a dog who shadows our daily routine or a cat that finds a comforting lap at the end of a weary day... they are as much a part of our lives as others.

This post is in memory of my yellow lab Duchess who completed her journey here six years ago this week and to all the other pets... be they cat or dog, horse or frog that we have shared and continue to enjoy in our lives ...


  1. Dear Susan...Thank you ever so kindly for sharing cherished memories of your dear Duchess. A wet nose, soft purrrrr, or a warm cuddle from a beloved pet shall always remain safely tucked within the matter the distance between then and now. May the joy that you shared with Duchess give you comfort now and forever.
    With gentle hugs,
    Judy x

  2. Oh Susan your Grand Duchess reminds me so much of our beloved Labradors Luiu, Annie and Baron which we have had over the years...Our beloved pets really do hug at our heartstrings...

    I hope all is well with you and that you are starting to enjoy warmer weather...Hugs, Dzintra xo

  3. What would we do without our sweet pets. I don't think life would be near so rich without the fur! Your Duchess was a beauty Susan. She is never far away.
    It was so wonderful to hear from you today my friend : )
    sending hugs...

  4. A Duchess indeed, she's a beauty, Susan. This post is a wonderful tribute to her. We had a black lab named Sasha when I was a child, they're such wonderful dogs. I've always found the Rainbow Bridge poem comforting after losing a pet.

  5. Oh Susan what a wonderful tribute to Duchess. She truly is a sleeping beauty. I feel tearful at this post because as you know we lost our dear Jess late last year in tragic circumstances and I still miss her very much. It hurts when they go but where would we be without them.


  6. Our furry four legged friends fill that special place in our heart that no one or nothing else can fill. They stay in there forever! Lovely post Susan!
    xo Catherine

  7. All true Susan, thank for the lovely reflection. In some ways we do get to hold on to the best part of them forever.

  8. Oh Susan such a loving photograph of your lovely Duchess! How they share a huge part of our hearts and lives and how much they are missed when they leave before us. She truly looks like a sleeping beauty!

    Hugs to you Susan,
    Jane xOx

  9. Dear Susan, this touches my heart. What a sweet thing to do for a beloved pet, she looked like a dear thing! You know, I still cannot move Tukks little house out of my garden after all these years....N.xo

  10. Such a sweet and loving post. Sending hugs your way...
    ~ Zuzu

  11. Dear Susan, Such a tender remembrance. Your darling Duchess and adorable Madelaine could be twins to my yellow lab, Smilla and shih tzu, Shiner. I had them both at the same time and lost them within two years. They add a special grace to our lives, give us structure, comfort and pure unadulterated love. Heaven, for me, would be a sunny meadow where all the dogs I've ever loved come bounding toward me. Maybe you will see Duchess again this way, someday...

  12. Hello Susan,
    What a truly beautiful post. Our furry friends deserve as much love, adoration and affection as we can offer. They are just the most loving and trusting companions possible. Love to you! Rosx

  13. So stylish! follow each other sweetie?:X

  14. I could never be without a four-legged friend. After our Rosie died I was sure that there would never again be such a buddy for me....and along came wee Rory. All of our dog friends are buried on the property here - a Dogwood for D'Arcy, a climbing rose for Rosie.....

  15. Dear Susan,

    I'm sorry this for this belated thought but I simply wanted to write how much I understand your emotions. Dear Duchess.


  16. you are so right. They never leave our soul and thoughts.
    How wonderful that we can cherish and love them forever.

  17. Lovely post!
    Maybe you want us to follow each other?

  18. Sono commossa...
    quanto ci mancano i nostri amici fedeli.
    Ti abbraccio forte

  19. I too lost a dear friend and she is ever in my little poodle...Suzi!
    Loved your photos and those on your other blogs. I have become your latest follower. Joan