Friday, June 22, 2012


The blooming of the first sunflower in my cottage garden always provokes a smile...
From the bright yellow petals that face the sunshine luring the bees to partake of its pollen, to the dark seeds that will soon follow igniting a frenzy amongst the songbirds ... it is a sure sign of Summer's arrival.

I'd also like to wish my daughter Jackie a very special celebration tomorrow when she turns 30.

She'll be very busy as she is fostering a three week old kitten.
I remember those midnight feedings many years ago... somehow they seem like only yesterday...

Hoping you have a magnificent weekend too!


  1. I have a cat named Ling-Ling, too! She is a Siamese cross and she was my dear Mother's cat before she passed on. One of the last things my Mother asked of me was to please take her Ling-Ling and give her a good home. She still misses my Mother and it has been over a year now. Anything that once belonged to my Mother, she seeks out to cuddle.

    I have just found your beautiful blog and will be following along.... I wish your daughter a Happy Birthday, (my youngest is turning 30 this year!) and good luck with the sweet kitten. xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Thirty is a good age and I hope she has a very good year.
    No sunflowers here yet, but soon, I hope!

  3. Ah....such a gorgeous little kitten!! Did she get him for her birthday Susan?
    Do say "Happy happy birthday from us here will you?"
    My middle daughter was 29 this month so we have something more in common too.
    I always think sunflowers are like wishes...smiley, golden and heavier than you think.

    Hugs my friend,
    Jane x

  4. There aren't many flowers happier than a sunflower and yours makes me smile too, as does that kitten. Happy birthday from here in OR and a big pat on the back for fostering. Thank you for the simple beautiful feel good post. Pats all around to your crew too.

  5. Sunflowers are among my favorites. Hard not to smile when your eyes light on their glory. ;) Noro is almost an addiction for me and your Lontue sounds very interesting. Thank you so much for stopping by so that I might find my way here. blessings ~ tanna

  6. I love sunflowers - so happy!

    Wishing Jackie a very Happy Birthday - I'm sure the kitten will bring extra smiles.

    Happy weekend, sweet Susan!

  7. Many happy returns to Jackie, I do hope she's had a wonderful birthday, though I'm sure it will have been busy as she's fostering such a beautiful kitten. They're such a handful when they're so young but worth every minute.

  8. Ah sunflowers. Truly a sign of summer. :)
    Happy birthday to your daughter and such a cute kitty!
    xo Catherine

  9. Hello Susan...what a beautiful header you have...Now you are teasing me with the sunflower pic and talk of summer! Happy Happy birthday to your Jackie...I'm sure she will enjoy every moment in caring for this kitty xo

  10. We came to thank you for stopping by to wish our Derry a happy birthday.

    A very happy birthday to your daughter -- we hope she has a splendid day. Our human doesn't actually remember 30 (lol).

    The little kitten is just so precious -- purrs and universal Light that s/he thrives and finds a wonderful forever home!

  11. Susan, thank you so much for your visit today. Hope Jackie had the happiest of birthdays. It has been a slow summer here, but I'm hopeful that sunflowers are soon to sprout! :)

  12. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl Susan!
    I long to have sunflowers from here to sundown someday. Our late frosts usually always get mine, but somday I will conquer this plant : )
    sending hugs...

  13. I hope your daughter enjoyed her birthday. Time flies and before you know it they are grown up! The little kitten is so adorable. What a wonderful foster mum to have! Sunflowers just have to be one of the most inspiring flowers. Beautiful! Here's wishing you a peaceful and fulfilling week. Ros

  14. The sunflower is beautiful! The kitten is so cute-Kramer was that age when he arrived at our house one rainy April night:).



  15. Apologies for the lateness of this comment Susan, but happy belated birthday wishes to your daughter. What a little sweetie her foster kitten is! I have a sneaky feeling that relationship may develop into something a little more permanent.:-)


  16. Felice estate cara Susan!
    Un abbraccio