Monday, February 11, 2013


Beyond the inviting big door lies a paradise of sorts...

Upon entry one is greeted by the tranquility of their surroundings and the colours that beckon, luring you to explore further ...

There is a group of women seated at the tables in the back around the hearth.
Among them are widows, divorced, singles and others escaping from their husbands for the day...

But these women are special, they are connected by a common thread... a sharing of ideas, of wisdom and fellowship, exchanging tales of everyday life...

The generous  shopkeeper  has enhanced the coziness with the aroma of homemade soup warming on the stove in the wee kitchen at the rear...

Watching a sweet pixie friend with her systematic folding of fabric is hypnotic making one feel sedate...

The always smiling young helper is cutting fat quarters with precision and expertise ...

I am listening to the voice of the lass teaching the class which is full of information she is sharing with those that have come to learn...

This is a sanctuary, a place where I feel welcome and there is always a listening ear or a warm embrace ... not to mention a hot cup of tea and a treat for the sweet tooth too.

Wherever you find your sanctuary may it hold a special place in your heart...


  1. Just hearing about it puts a smile on my face. True bliss.

  2. That sounds lovely. I've been trying to find a group to craft with locally. I think I'll have to try harder!! Joan

  3. It sounds wonderful. It's lovely when like minded people get together.

  4. Dear Susan I am privileged and so happy to share the acquaintance and comraderie of the women who frequent our makes the long winter months shorter sharing with kindred souls......N.xo

  5. How extraordinarily lovely Susan! It seems to me a perfect way to pass the day...sharing ideas, friendship, and handwork. Needlework is indeed the common thread which connects women throughout history.
    Wishing you peace and beauty today and always!
    Sending hugs your way...
    Judy xx

  6. Thank you for leaving a comment so I knew you had popped by.
    We had a little snow on Monday and sunshine and blue sky today, maybe yours is on it's way!
    Lisa x

  7. This is a beautiful description of the comfort of friendship and simple pleasures. Sometimes the loveliness of winter comes from within.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. What a wonderful description of all that the company of women brings.

  9. This sounds wonderful! Someone you can count on for comfort. I know my sanctuary is always my home.
    xo Catherine

  10. Susan- what a special place of solace-- a place of comfort and bliss. This is a truly beautiful post-- I hope your heart is filled with comfort and peace after visiting such a special place--

  11. you describe a most wonderful place of friendship and shared intersts. Who could wish for more!
    Susan, I, and our Lulu, wish you a most creative week.
    P.S. I had forgotton that you have a Lulu too. Our Lulu was called Lucy while in the shelter, which I am not too fond of (bad memories....).
    So she became Lulu, or as I mostly call's her coloring.....