Wednesday, April 30, 2014


As the season of Spring surrounds us, the lure of treasure hunting abounds...

Working for a long established auctioneer I begin to notice the frequency of barn sales, tag sales, auctions and country shows that come with the arrival of beautiful weather...

So gather your best walking shoes, light jacket, tote bag and join us for a day in the country (or the city)...

Eugene Boudin (1824-1898)
Crinolines Sur La Plaza de Trouville  c. 1865
Watercolour, gouache and graphite on paper

And don't forget some cash you never know what you might find...


  1. Love that jar of buttons, Susan! Enjoy getting out and finding some treasures!

  2. Hello Susan,

    We should gladly accompany you to wherever you found these delightful things. Is it a pepper pot or a sugar sifter......we cannot make out the scale...but, no matter, since it is bound to clean up fabulously and make something both beautiful and useful.

    The watercolour looks such fun. There is a lightness and movement to it that is so appealing. Would that this were on our wall right now!

  3. Sounds good I'll be there lol ! O to love the jar full of buttons ! Thanks for sharing lovely photos ! Have a good week !

  4. Ooh, you have flowers already!

    That little item in the third photo looks very fascinating. Happy treasure hunting! :)

  5. Round every corner, new life and welcoming hands await for each and every surprising treasure. Wishing you delightful Springtime days dear Susan!
    Sending warm hugs your way ...
    Judy xo

  6. Love the sugar-sifter Susan!

    Have a good week-end,
    Hugs Jane

  7. Wouldn't I just love to join you?! There's nothing I'd like better than a bit of a treasure hunt on a Saturday afternoon.

  8. There's just something about a jar of buttons that brings me joy. Nostalgia maybe? My grandma always kept a big jar of buttons.
    xo Catherine

  9. I also would love to join you....wonderful way to spend a beautiful spring day! I love the jar of white buttons...may get the litttle granddaughter to sort the white buttons from my big jar. I follow my mother's practice of never throwing away a button, so I have quite a collection from through the years

  10. Such beautiful things Susan. I love popping in to see them! Ros

  11. I love rummaging in antique shops and visiting country shows. A real summertime joy.

    Sounds like you are coming up to a busy time with work Susan. Have a lovely weekend.


  12. What pretty treasures! It is fun to go find things like this! Have a wonderful Mothers Day!