Sunday, May 10, 2015

Magical Moments

The fleeting moments between first light and dawn are magical and most enjoyed…  From my favourite chair set out on the back veranda I can observe the happenings in the garden.

The mother robin is busy scurrying about touching the ground ever so lightly waiting for  worm movement beneath the soil. The arrival of a quick cloudburst last evening has made the tedious task more productive…

The squirrels are already finding tidbits to eat, this one nibbling on a peanut I have tossed.

The flowering crabapple  is beginning to reflect the early rays of sunshine putting forth its delicate blossoms to indulge in the glow…
There is much going on in my little piece of paradise, it is hard to return inside to the duties that await…

Enjoy this glorious Spring day and all those yet to follow…

* Painting by Charlotte Bird


  1. That time of day is magical. It's like you get to view the world before it's actually woken up. I love that crabapple, absolutely beautiful.

  2. It is a magical time, and everything you've shared today is so beautiful! We are still getting snow off and on here. 7" yesterday. But soon it will melt away and we'll be enjoying the magic as well.

  3. You have captured natures beauty and it's surely magical.

  4. Oh that blossom! So beautiful :o)

  5. Sorry Susan - this post seems to have slipped through the net. I love to see your little piece of paradise - how different it all looks now the snows have gone. Enjoy.

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  7. Yes, I agree, nature is filled with magical moments. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments that became a magical moment for me.


  8. Susan, would be wonderful to sit next to you an see what you see at your place! Nature is different there!
    Happy days

  9. Hi Dear,
    once again in your magical world .... to thank you so much for your lovely visit! It's wonderful to have you around!
    All my best