Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Miss Maddie and I have been spending time paused between the acts of a play, the verses of a hymn, the amusement of an incident...

Alas I have discovered I have indeed missed this land of blog... the kindred spirits, the creative artists, fantastic writers and humble beings...

I am returning with the same eyes looking out into the world...
The same heart expressing what it feels,
And the same soul finding its beauty...

For those of you new to this place, welcome
For those returning, thank you...

I hope you will share the journey - as I travel life with LingLing & LuLu...


  1. Oh Susan, I am soooooo happy you are back!!!
    I love the anticipation of what is to come. I am back too. N.xoxo

  2. Joy of joys! I am delighted with your return...I have missed your gentle words and lovely images. I shall eagerly await the journey...


  3. Hi Susan, I too, am so happy you are back. I may not always leave a comment , But I do enjoy my visits, and everyone of your posts.

  4. Well~Hello again friend!(: Sugar and I will follow along faithfully..so good to have you back!

  5. Oh I have missed you so much dear friend! I decided to check out all your sites to see if I was missing you somewhere. I am so glad I did.
    Sending big hugs your way...

  6. Thank you for the email notification! I am very pleased to see you back, as visits to your posts were a great pleasure. No one has ever said it better than LMM when she wrote about 'Kindred Spirits'.

  7. Oh, I am so glad to see you back again! I am following & adding LingLing & LuLu to my sidebar right now...
    Ok, I'm back and now I won't miss a thing. :)
    Happy weekend!!!

  8. Sometimes we need a break to just reboot. I love your photo's Welcome back, Cheri

  9. Dear Susan, I was just checking your site and discovered . . . A new title! Ah ha! We're all SO glad to have you back with us! Lovely,lovely photographs and words, but then we knew that, that's what we were missing :)

    Hugs Jane x