Monday, December 5, 2011

Magic Through The Night

What magic transpires as we lie abed...

The moisture that descends from the heavens unites with the crisp, cold air creating particles of ice to cover the land and all that lingers in its wake...

Like diamond dust sprinkled by frost fairies its beauty is reflected first by the faintest of moonbeams and then by the sunrise in the early morning light.

Cascading with abandon upon the grapevines, the feathery grasses and the landscape it is a glorious sight to behold...


  1. I can not say which is more beautiful ~ your photography or your words. But this is truly magical.
    Wishing you a lovely new week,
    ~ Zuzu

  2. HOORAY! I am so so pleased to find you again. After your mysterious last post over at 'Miss Maddie's', I wondered what had happened. I adore visiting you and reading your beautifully written entries. So glad that you are back. Rosx

  3. The silence - the mystery of the frost. Beautiful photos and words....

  4. A glorious post indeed Susan...thank you most kindly for sharing such gentle beauty.


  5. Magical words and pictures dear friend, I'm so glad you're back!

    X Jane

  6. Hello Susan...nice to see you back in the world of Blog...what magical words you have used to describe all that frosty beauty...alas, I can only imagine it at this time of year...It's so very intriguing to have different seasons isn't it! Have a fabulous week...Dzintra xo

  7. Dear Susan, what beauty resides in that beautiful mind and mind's eye of yours....our gorgeous surroundings could not be captured any better...just what I needed this week after a nasty flu....thank you, N.xoxoxox

  8. Although I do not enjoy the snow, it really does make for magical photos doesn't it?


    xo Catherine