Saturday, August 4, 2012


 August is often referred to as the dog days of Summer ... a month of heat and humidity, crickets  chirping, fireflies lighting up the hedgerow in the early evening, lemonade and putting up preserves.

Around here it is all of the above plus a lazy cat or two basking in the sunlight.

And I must admit with all the canning going on, a little squirrelly at times.

So I think I'll find a cool place to sit, put some of this delectable handspun yarn I recently purchased on the needles...

And indulge in the dog days of Summer too!


  1. Hello Susan - I've just come in from weeding paths - hot and tired! I thought I'd see who'd posted, and there you were! Your handspun yard is beautiful. What will you make?
    August here hasn't been as warm as in other years. We have seen 25 once but are mostly hovering around 20. Tomatoes have suffered, but roses love it!

  2. what beautiful colors this yarn has. What will you make?
    Love how cats can get sooo comfortable. By the way, I love the little kitten in the last post!!!!!!
    Have a great Sunday,
    hugs, Evi

  3. August is such a lanquid time, slow and peaceful. Your kitties look like they are enjoying the sun and your yarn is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you make. xx

  4. Good for you. Oh adorable teenage squirrels. Good thing the cats are feeling lazy. :)
    Maddie is looking lovely as always and that first yarn is beautiful. Here's to lemonade on a hot summer day.

  5. That is some very pretty yarn! Summer is going fast ~ soon we will be needing that yarn knitted into mittens! Eeeek! Haha!
    Happy Weekend!
    xo Catherine

  6. Beautiful photos and prose, as always. Love your pretty handspun yarn. I wonder what you will make? Enjoy this wonderful month. Ros

  7. Hi Susan...I have wondered what 'dog days' I know!!! That yarn is so beautiful it reminds me of summer days..Have a wonderful week...Dzintra xo

  8. Wonderful photos of the cuddlies. The colour of your handspun yarn is perfect, you must show us what you make with it.

  9. Dear Susan, it looks idyllic and I love the colours of your new yarns!

    Hugs Jane

  10. Have a nice summer dear Susan!
    I love your dog!

  11. Delightful August days at your house, Susan! That yarn is gorgeous - have fun making something beautiful with it!