Thursday, August 23, 2012


The garden is awash with the shades of late Summer...

The pastel pinks and vibrant plums of the hydrangea have faded to the subtle tones of early Autumn.

The cascading clusters of a fairy rose...

share the same trellis of a wandering lumina pumpkin.

And the coolness of the mornings has inspired a new creative venture...

some antique linen and old lace will soon become a pinkeep.

I  certainly hope you are enjoying these last lingering days of August...


  1. The rose is just beautiful tinged with pink. I noticed yesterday that the nights are drawing in now, I'm not yet ready for autumn, we don't seem to have had a summer this year.

  2. Dear Susan...It seems that I have been exceptionally tardy with my visits to your corner of the land. Yet upon my return, I am always smitten...with the beauty of your photographs, observations, and handmade lovelies.
    I shall eagerly await the presentation of the finished pinkeep. With the use of antique bits and bobs, along with your enchanted stitches, I feel certain that it shall be quite splendid indeed!
    Much happiness to you...
    Judy x

  3. Such delicate shadings on the hydrangea and roses ... and the little pinkeep is a thing of beauty.

  4. helloooooo, such a wet summer here that the hydrangeas are absolutely thriving; rich deep colours that will still look good when they've dried and shabbied!
    A long holiday weekend here but not much feeling of lazy hazy late summer days...just more rain. Hey ho.
    Thankyou for your kind comments which always cheer

  5. Such beauty here: I love pale pastels, don't you? Yes, I agree with ted and bunny that our hydrangeas are thriving too thanks to the enormous amounts of rain we've had.

    It's lovely to stop by. I came a few times but I think this little space of yours was quiet for a while?

    I am savouring those last summer days. I cannot believe how swiftly this year has fled.


  6. Beautiful photos and so soothing. Looking forward to fall really, as summer here is hot, dry and crunchy.

  7. Your pictures are so beautiful - I can feel the seasons on the move too.

    Pomona x

  8. Oh how I love the shades in your hydrangea, Susan. Your August sounds so lovely. Enjoy!!!
    Big hugs,

  9. Such a beautiful rose Susan. It is a month since and I find myself wondering what changes September have brought ... your seasons over there are so much more defined than ours and I know your summers are short .... talking of which we have had rain, and more rain and it feels that the year has sped by so quickly.


  10. I really love the faded colour of your hydrangea such a lovely shade. How lovely is the pin-keep, a thing to treasure definitely!
    We have rain rain and lots more rain this year..Oh! I've just read the comment above isn't that funny, I've put virtually the same. :)
    Hope all is well Susan.

    Hugs Jane