Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I could tantalize you with portraits of the rural landscape that reveal the beauty of the Autumn season...

Or share the muted shades of buffs and taupes that capture the tranquility of antique linens and quilts...

balancing the vibrance of the hardwood forest.

Nature is playing her final curtain before she paints the countryside in a blanket of white...


  1. Mother Nature is using her white paint brush here tonight! I like your fall colors!
    xo Catherine

  2. Beautiful words and scenes. Happy Fall to you! xx

  3. There's so many beautiful colours around in autumn. Such a shame that they don't last very long before all the leaves are on the ground.

  4. Oh Susan what a beautiful post....I love Autumn...Spring here but we are having winter weather this week after going to the beach last week!

  5. Lovely, lovely photos - some of them look remarkably like our area! :)

    Winter-ish temps are already here in Wisconsin - and I'm tucking my tomato plants under tarps every night, hoping to extend the ripening time.

  6. Such beautiful words and images, as always. Keep warm and enjoy! ROs

  7. Susan, love the photos and the sweet words......makes me want to sit with a cup of tea and just gaze at the beautiful colors of Autumn, that is until the snow flies!
    I do love winter too though so it wouldn't be too hard to enjoy the scenery, thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

  8. How very beautiful. Your words lift me and leave me floating whenever I visit.
    I am so very lucky our paths crossed, Susan.
    Big hugs,

  9. Oh you live in the most beautiful place on earth my friend. Amazing!!!!!!!!
    hugs from me....

  10. this is absolutely beautiful scenery. Love the winter picture too, but I am dreading that season already. I would like it to be white only around Christmas, ha ha. Like having your cake, and eating it too.
    XX, Evi

  11. Lovely lovely photographs Susan,especially the snowy lane, hope you are well?

    Hugs Jane

  12. Dear Susan, I just stopped in at the cottage and was rewarded more than ever.....your treasures displayed in the window left me in awe....just lovely seems so are something else,dear Susan, beautiful, beautiful....hope to see you this Wednesday. N.xo