Monday, October 28, 2013

There's a New Kid In Town

What tantalizing treasures lie beyond these chartreuse doors?

Housed in an historic building that was once the post office in the late 1800's the double doors and gorgeous display windows provide a perfect setting for offerings that lie within...

 The anticipation of what the lass has gathered is building as we await the shop's opening which is coming soon...

In the meantime I'm being amused by my lumina pumpkin that has developed a tail ... courtesy of the antics of a squirrel enjoying the seeds inside.


  1. Ooooh that shop looks just the place to be, how lovely for youxx and the pumpkin looks really funny even more so in the flesh I guess xxx

  2. Ha ha, your pumpkin gave me a chuckle with the tail sticking out. Obviously being enjoyed by the squirrel. That building looks like the perfect setting for a new shop full of treasures, I look forward to hearing what you find inside when it opens its beautiful doors.

  3. Oh my goodness...what fun that silly squirrel is having!!!
    The ivy covered shoppe is enchanting...such a lovely entrance, mysterious windows, with oodles of hidden treasures surely. I shall look forward to hearing of your visit within.
    Sending warmest hugs your way ...
    Judy x

  4. Hi Susan....I am very curious as to what is going on around the can only be wonderful, housed in that magnificent place...N.xo

  5. I have never before seen a pumpkin with a tail so this was surely a treat dear Susan! And speaking of treats...I think that is exactly what that new shop will be!
    sending hugs from here...

  6. Can't wait to find out! Ha ha, love the pumpkin; great shot! Ros

  7. Oh my stars! That squirrelly tail is just too cute peeking out!
    xo Catherine