Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ode To Mother Nature

As Mother Nature unleashes her wicked winds, freezing temperatures and endless peril it is easy to forget Her softer side...

But amidst all the relentless shades of Winter one only needs to remember there is beauty 
that lies beneath the snow...

And as the daylight hours begin to grow, the migrations north will soon follow.

The sunshine will become warmer, the snowdrops will find their way through the earth and all will be lush again...

In the meantime we may daydream of outdoor antique shows,  quilts airing on the line and 
long walks in the woods...

Stay warm!


  1. You too! Thank you for this lovely reminder. :)

  2. Oh Mother Nature has been very naughty here lately. Thank you for reminding me that she does have a kinder side! Wish she would show it more often. :(
    Stay warm Susan!!
    xo Catherine

  3. I'm staying indoors out of those cold winds, dreaming right along with you, Susan. :)
    Stay warm!

  4. When I walked the dog this morning I could see the daffodil leaves poking through the soil, in places. This coming weekend I'll plant the winter pansies and primulas - the promise is there...........all around.

  5. It's the daydreaming of days to come which gets me through winter. Lovely photo of the swans.

  6. Happy New Year Susan, Hope this year treats you well and finds you happy and healthy, your daughter too.
    Wonderful photographs, especially the gorgeous swans. Yes we certainly need reminders like your post to cheer us through the dark winter days.

  7. This very day I am able to enjoy warm sunbeams streaming in through the is such a delight. I am rather like our felines...moving from room to room and taking joy in puddles of golden sunshine!
    Wishing you cozy wintertime days dear Susan!
    Sending warm hugs your way ...

  8. Oh dear, I do hope you're keeping warm in the awful cold you have there. It has been ridiculously warm for mid winter here. It's all about the Jet stream I know but crazy too.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2014 Susan x

  9. Such a heart warming post, despite the snow! Our part of the world has been witness to some pretty bad flooding over the last two months. Luckily we live in the city and have escaped the worst of the stormy weather. Thank goodness for the beauty lying beneath the earth! ROs

  10. I dream of spring everyday with it's warmer days and budding trees. This is what gets me through these cold and cloudy days.
    Happy New Year's Susan,