Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Under the Influence

All my creativity seems to be reflected by the beauty that lies outside the window...

From the dainty heart shaped tokens of affection that have been created from a lovely lambswool sweater I've hand felted...

To the delicate knitting on the needles... with the palest hint of blush pink , samples of colour found amongst the snow drifts refracted  by the sunlight.

Perhaps soon the artistic ventures will be influenced by the shades in the garden!

I do hope so. Stay warm...


  1. Susan, the hearts are so very pretty, dainty, and yes, like little packages of snow!! Hard to be influenced by anything else these cold snowy days we are having? Will it ever warm up?? I am staying put!! N.xo

  2. Such loveliness Susan! The wee hearts hold the promise of cheerful violets hidden...warm and cozy...beneath the snowy earth. In the blink of an eye Springtime shall arrive most surely. In the meanwhile, I wish you joyful hours playing in the sun-puddles that make their way through your windowpane!
    Sending hugs your way ...
    Judy xo

  3. Hi Susan, I sure hope so too.
    The views are beautiful and so inspiring,and these little lambswool hearts are made to perfection.
    I am thinking a beautiful little hat with the soft shades of spring is for some one special.
    Stay warm and keep thinking spring,

  4. Oh you make me long for spring!! I'm a little tired of the white stuff. I sure hope it's not a long winter. :(
    Lovely projects you are working on!
    xo Catherine

  5. Hi Susan, I am so excited to have found your beautiful blog. I have it saved on my iPad so I can kick back in my easy chair and go back enjoying each and every post. I can't think of any profession more exciting than that of a Vintage Textile Appraiser. When I read "...the bits and bobs, fabric and fragments I collect give way to imagination, inspiration, and creativity," I was captivated. I am looking forward to many visits here (and to spring)! Mary

  6. Good morning, Susan.
    Lovely, lovely handmade goodness in your the little hearts and knitting. It is such a treat to be able to enjoy winter from inside our homes, and find something enjoyable to create.
    Stay warm and cozy,

  7. Such beautiful views. I can only imagine how cold it is, though that blue sky in your first photo is doing its best to make it look like a summers day. Those little hearts are so pretty, all ready to be given to your true love on Valentine's Day.

  8. It's a good time of year for working on the little things that give so much pleasure. Your knitting project looks very sweet.

  9. I love making small things. Quick pleasure for myself and the recipient. Soft colours, so sweet! Ros

  10. Isn't it just the best time to be creating? I think the slower pace of winter gets me more in the mood to make something. I'm not feeling compelled to work in the garden or do other outdoor things.
    I too am making you think it could be the month of love is steering me in that direction? I love your felted wool hearts Susan. They are so lovely and I love that you have made them from a sweater and gave it a new life.!
    Thank you for the congratulations on my WWC article, it means a great deal to have you leave me such a kind comment.
    I hope you are staying safe and snug there. It sure looks beautiful!
    sending hugs your way...

  11. What beautiful snowy images Susan. Like you say spring is still a long way off in the Great Lakes and the days of green and purple will be all the more sweet! I simply love the little delicate felt hearts.