Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Often the images we capture with our cameras reflect the beauty Nature shares with us in our everyday lives...

They in turn give us the opportunity to look back and remember the moment usually clouded by time...
Each of us is moved sometimes almost to tears at how magnificent these pictures can be...

I do hope your Summer is filled with celebration and photos that will remain with you forever...

* Pic of the wild horses taken at a campsite in Alberta.


  1. Awww, your little Madelaine is a beauty indeed.

  2. Hello Susan! Hello sweet Madelaine!

  3. Good morning, Susan ~

    I just now came in from following a pair of wild turkeys and their babies, trying to get a few photos. Unfortunately, I needed to use a different setting on the camera, so they did not come out. But what a surprise and joy to see them this morning! I stayed far enough away as to not frighten them ~ and if there is a next time, I'll know which setting to use! :)

    I loved seeing the photos you captured, and hope your summer is brimming with wonderful new moments to add to your happy memories. Like you, certain things bring back memories. Brilliant blue skies remind me of my sister. Stars through the pines remind me of my mother. All sweet, happy memories that leave me smiling.

    And thank you for your sweet comment over at my blog. You understand my heart so well. Your friendship is dear.

    Have a beautiful day today!

  4. Dearest Susan...

    It was so gracious of your to share such lovely memories. The photographs are so very special, and come with a precious story hidden deep within each one surely.

    I am just now back indoors from walking the gardens in a misty-rain. Whilst wandering, I came upon a fawn bounding about the yard, running wildly-happy between the cool droplets. Such a delightful photograph it would have been...but alas, now simply a magical moment tucked safely within a memory...to be treasured always.

    Wishing you days of summertime bliss!

    Sending love ...

  5. Such beautiful photos. Wonderful memories! Ros

  6. This is a lovely post Susan! I think that's why I love taking photos so much. To pull people and pets and things back into view again and again. I loved seeing your darling little Miss Maddie again.
    sending hugs...

  7. hi Susan,
    thankyou for the lovely comment you left on my blog- I've been absent for a while- blogging began to feel a bit like a chore so I excused myself , and now I'm back refreshed, having realised I can simply blog when I want and enjoy it all the more!
    Love these gorgeous photos, true beauty indeed.
    Elaine xx

  8. Hi Susan,

    the photographs are so beautiful of your gorgeous pets.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  9. In this digital age, we have the luxury of being able to take lots of pictures (remember when it was, "Don't waste the film."). I see we share the love of getting out to see what we can capture. Hope you are having a great summer.

  10. Sweet pictures and how true your words are!

  11. Sweet hounds :) The whippets are wilting in the heat here today, and have suffered the indignity of having sunscreen rubbed into the tips of their ears.

  12. How did I miss this?!
    I love the beauty you've found in your everyday.