Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nature’s Anticipation

The shadows linger longer in the morning and the dew is heavy on the well trodden path leading to the garden…
Most of the jam and pickle making has been accomplished, with still tomatoes for sauce ripening on the vines.

Yes there is  a month on the calendar left in Summer with plenty of humid days but as the nights become cooler and the daylight disappearing fractionally sooner Nature has begun her gentle transition to Autumn.

It being my favourite season I anticipate its arrival with pleasure… I’ve a barn sale in October to organize so there are goodies to collect from storage. Plenty of Fall sewing projects I’m playing with
help to pass the time.

I do hope that you are enjoying these bountiful, warm days but like me look forward to the season which lies ahead…

Till next time...


  1. Fall is my favorite season too, so I always look forward to its arrival. October will be a wonderful time for your barn sale; wish I could have one too.

  2. Every year I struggle with summer's ending, but when autumn comes I enjoy it to the full. Let's soak up all the warmth we can, because January will be here before we know it.... :)

    Beautiful post and photos.

  3. Lovely time of year, isn't it? We are trying to finish up our big summer projects (with much to do yet), but like you, look forward to the slower tempo of autumn.


  4. Autumn, with her rustling golden skirts, is my favourite season too, and she's just around the corner here.

  5. It's the same here. Suddenly, the outdoor furniture is damp with dew in the morning and I need a cardigan when I go down the drive for the paper. Fall is around the corner, but there's still enough summer left for beach afternoons.
    Good luck with the barn sale!

  6. I'm trying to soak up every last bit of summer Susan, but very much looking forward to the beginning of another lovely season. Oh, to go to a barn sale...
    I hope it goes as wonderfully as it sounds!
    sending hugs...

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment - Autumn is not far away now - the changes in our weather just lately feel as though we have said goodbye to summer already but I am hoping for a few more warm days yet - an Indian summer would be most welcome.

  8. The end of summer has come around all too quickly, I'm not ready for autumn yet. There's plenty of signs around though, the trees are starting to change colour, flower beds are winding down, it's got much cooler and spiders have started to come indoors.

  9. Like you, I am also looking forward to fall. It has always been my favorite time of the year! Wish I lived close enough to come to your barn sale! Good luck!

  10. Hello Susan, I've just been catching up with my blog friends, I wish I could come to your barn sale!

    Hugs Jane

  11. Beautiful post, beautifully written,


  12. Dear Susan

    Having a lovely catch up over here, working my way forwards!! Gorgeous sunflower!