Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Do you ever contemplate that perhaps your soul has come from a distant past and the passions that you share were held captive from centuries ago?

I often wondered if I lived amongst the Bronte sisters lured by the sullen mists that crossed the moors…

Did I dwell in a tiny stone cottage where my very existence was gathered from the gardens and fields that surrounded it…

Were there roses that climbed along the paths I travelled? Berries picked from the hedgerows so tempting it was difficult to return to home without sampling a few from the basket…

Then on the other hand maybe I should stop daydreaming and return to the task at hand and continue cutting the 1/2 bushel of peaches that await the hot jars and carry on…

What do you daydream about?


  1. No Susan carry on dreaming those peaches look like hard work....delicious but hard work xxx
    Hugs Lynn

  2. One thing is for sure, you know how to choose the perfect dreams. Delicious looking peaches! You will enjoy them come winter.

  3. I often think of long gone days too. Those peaches look delicious.

  4. Beautiful dreams. The Bronte sisters must have influenced you to can peaches as well.
    I do wonder where some things I love so dearly come from. Clearly a part of me, but I cannot trace why.
    Enjoy your day, Susan.

  5. What a lovely post - one to make us pause to think for a moment.
    When I daydream it's often about places I've loved. I often go back to a cottage on the coast of Jylland - an unlikely cottage, all chintz and china and bookcases stuffed with pre-war novels and perched on a cliff over the sea. When I can't sleep I imagine myself in the slightly-musty daybed and I drift off to the sound of the waves.

  6. I now know that we truly are very much alike Susan. I am always pulled by feelings of that very era and wonder if it is because my mother had so many wonderful books for me to read of it. If I could live any life I could, it would be in a little stone cottage down a long grassy lane on a little hillside overlooking pastures with stone fences full of sheep. ~sigh~ yes, I must quit my daydreaming now too and get things done, but thank you so much for the pause.
    The garden is definitely slowing and waning now. Especially this past week. The phlox and the hydrangeas are going strong, but many things are getting tired and wanting to be put to bed. The roses are putting on a last little show and so things are still lovely here and there, but I will be doing a lot of cutting back soon.
    Such a beautiful post my dear friend!
    sending hugs from here...

  7. Crikey that's a bushel-load of peaches to cut! But my word will they be worth it when you can have peaches this Christmas. I know what you mean about dreaming of another life, I often used to dream I'd been a wench somewhere in York, the town seems so familiar to me. It's easy to place yourself beside the Bronte sisters although I'm pretty sure they probably never saw a basket of peaches like yours.

    Hugs Susan
    Jane x

  8. Goodness that's a lot of peaches. Boy, they do taste good though! Ros

  9. What a lovey day dream! And those peaches look yummy!

  10. Yes indeed, I do strongly believe that past lives influence us. It is essential in this life that I always seek beauty, and that which is most beautiful to me is invariably aspects of those distant other lives. Thank you for this sweet post. I will think of you whenever I eat a peach.

  11. I could easily day dream about harvesting peaches ... that's an entirely exotic something to a person who lives in North Wales.

  12. I can only echo Annie's comment above. It would be a dream to harvest peaches here in East Anglia.

    Beautiful post Susan - I love that top photo - so evocative.