Sunday, November 9, 2014


Along the wayside lies many an abandoned home…
Still standing after decades of neglect almost as a tribute to its former occupants. Defying the passage of time bearing witness to a former glory…

I’m intrigued, perhaps mesmerized by their long forgotten history. Do the echoes of children’s laughter still fill the hall. Does the smell of fresh baked bread and woodsmoke permeate the kitchen.
Does the laundry still flap in the breeze on the clothesline out back…

Whatever the history that lies within this now empty shell I’m sure there were babes born here, lasses wed here and grandparents that died here amongst its many secrets…

So next time you come across such a place in your travels, stop for just a moment and listen…it may be history whispering back…

Pics taken along the road from Ontario to Alberta, Canada.


  1. Perhaps you should also wonder why they were abandoned and why no one has taken up residence since. A sign maybe of changing times - haunted by those who went before.

  2. I live in farm country so there are abandoned barns and homes where I live too. So many lost stories. Your first photo intrigues me- perhaps a story could be written

  3. This is so lovely. As a child, we visited Colorado ghost towns and I wondered about these same kinds of things.

    Beautiful homes, lovingly built with stories we wish we could hear.


  4. I always wonder about the history of old buildings too. I always hope they were filled with love!
    From Ontario to Alberta - I'm thinking you drove right past me in Saskatchewan if you were traveling the #1 Highway!!
    xo Catherine

  5. It's so sad to see houses stood empty when they were once cherished homes. I wonder why they're no longer occupied.