Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter Weary or Bad Hair Day

The horizon is an endless sea of white. The flakes keep falling and the temps keep dropping, but if I sit to ponder the thought the days seem to blur from one to the next.
So I concluded I would think of something else a little on the lighter, silly side…

Does a bunny ever have a bad hair day? Take for example my daughter’s rabbit Max. A cute, cuddly little fellow when he was just young.

As the months have passed and the snow keeps falling Max has gotten hairier…

And hairier!!
So when the snow stops falling will Max’s hair stop growing. Of course not. Gratefully my daughter is harvesting it for me and when she has an envelope full she’ll send it this way. I have a friend who’s a spinner and angora yarn is beautiful. Soft, fluffy and mottled in colour… just like Max.

Keep warm.

* A special thank you to Max for posing for the pictures and my daughter for taking them.


  1. He is so cute, and nice to groom and pet when the snow gets that bad!!
    We have escaped anything too bad this year.......big sigh and angorah anything is just luxury
    Hugs Lynnx

  2. Our little flirtation with snow is over here, but I can understand you wearying of it and wishing for winter's end - as for Max he is supercute and very hairy - I wonder how long it will take to collect enough fur to make something with - a few more winters maybe.

  3. He's stunning!

    No snow here, and honestly I envy you ... when there is snow even the greyest day seems lighter - in fact the quality of the light when there is snow on the ground is something I long for after a snowy season spent in Switzerland long ago. And for as long as the snow lasts there is no mud, sure you get it afterwards, but here in rural lowland North Wales where snow may fall but rarely sticks winter is just one long muddy month after another. I guess I'm looking at the greener grass on your side of the fence and you will be looking at the greener snow-free grass on mine ... but snow versus mud, surely snow wins?

  4. Awww, Max is so beautiful, and totally cute. I love that second to last photo of him laid out with his little legs behind him.

  5. Miss Ottie would love to play with the bunny! Not sure if he would be so keen...
    Thank you for your kind comments and hope you get a little sunshine very soon. xx
    Julie x

  6. Some of the cutest pictures happen on "bad hair days." Bunny yarn...what fun! In the mean time enjoy your beautiful snowy scenes and think of us who haven't seen a lick this year.

  7. So cute...and bad hair days we all have! Beautiful pictures...
    Have a happy weekend,

  8. Oh goodness-Max is adorable, bad hair day or no!!! I would love to see some of the yarn that is spun from this little cutie Susan.
    We have had such a mild winter here in Idaho the past month that we are all starting to worry about having enough water for the summer crops, but early this winter the temps were below zero so often that I longed for the temps we are getting now. It's funny though, I don't want spring yet because I have too many things I want to get done before it comes. I think I put off for too long so many things and kept thinking, 'Oh, I can do that during the long winter' and it has just sped by for me. Now, I'm saying, 'I can do those things on the rainy days' and the problem is that we rarely got rain in my part of Idaho.
    You asked where the little felted box came from. It is from En Gry & Sif, but it was a gift from my neighbor and I don't know where she found such a darling little thing. I love it too!
    Have a wonderful, wonderful week Susan!
    hugs from here...

  9. Oh thank you for sharing these photos of Max. What a cute bunnikins he is!!! No snow here for us, but cold, dull and misty. I'd rather have snow! :-) Ros

  10. What an adorable little bunny!
    Have a great week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  11. Hi Susan, he's gorgeous! Ooo! aren't you lucky to be able to get that bunny-yarn. I remember back in the sixties knitting a lovely red short sleeved t shirt with Angora. It cost me twice as much as it would have done had I bought it ready knitted, but I didn't mind. I'd seen a photograph of Twiggy wearing a pink sweater like it, and as we all wanted to look like her or Jean Shrimpton I had to have it.
    So far Manchester has missed a lot of the weather unusually, but there's still time!

    Wrap up well dear Susan,
    Hugs Jane

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  13. Hi Susan, oh yes you are right about 'Red sky at night.....' only over here we say,'Red sky at night shepherd's delight, Red sky in the morning shepherd's warning.' Which is virtually the same as you learnt.

    Twiggy is still on the television here occasionally and she still looks good, although she's filled out a lot since those old days. Thank you for your lovely words yesterday and I do so hope those winter freezing temperatures ease for you soon. Surely Spring can't be far away now.
    Sending love my friend.

  14. Max is a beautiful bunny, bad hair day or no - I hope you stay warm in all the snow:)