Thursday, February 26, 2015

I’m Wishing, I’m Wishing…

No I’m not Snow White with her head over the well wishing for the one I love. But it certainly is white with plenty of snow here. This is Niagara Falls a few miles from where I live. This year it has been so cold that Mother Nature has provided us with some very spectacular ice formations. An ice bridge covers the US side and it is fantastic!

The critters are all still nestled in their respective warm places waiting for some sign of Spring…

I’ve been busy playing with mice. Mice for pinkeeps and bunnies too. I will be offering a workshop in mouse pinkeeps just it time for Mother’s Day. Props and vintage snippets will be included. For more information please contact me or stay tuned for more information to follow. In the mean time stay warm and keep wishing for Spring!

* A special thank you to Valda for braving the elements to take the pic of the Falls.


  1. The first picture is spectacular - you really do have extremes of weather. I'm not sure what pinkeeps are but your little mouse is supercute. Spring really is just around the corner for us, the daffodils are on the verge of blooming and this morning the sun is shining bright with expectation. Your pets are wise to stay indoors - how sweet they are.

  2. The falls are amazing! Such a treat to see winter's beauty in all it's forms, even when spring sounds a bit nicer. :)
    Stay warm & have fun creating ~ love the little mice.

  3. How wonderful to live so close to Niagara Falls and to be able to see such beauty in person. The photo is fabulous. I don't blame the animals staying where it's warm, I'd be right beside them if I were there. I love those cute little pinkeeps, I'd definitely be booked on one of those classes if I lived nearby.

  4. Stay warm dear, as for bad weather this year with all the storms, we here on the desert of Southern Ca. Are experiencing colder days, and snow filled passes and lower mountain sides, the wind is unbearable on colder days.

    As for the bunny and kitty this is a warming sight of friendship, and that mouse in the clocth is an amazing piece. Coming from ones over here that collect cute mice that perform on our opera houses of theatrics.

    Thank you for your beautiful visit to my place of moments.

    See you soon

  5. The snow looks beautiful but very, very cold no wonder your cat and bunny are staying warm indoors - they look so relaxed and cosy. Not sure what a pinkeep mouse is but it looks very cute - I look forward to learning more about it:)

  6. Oh my word, the ice bridge is amazing! How lucky you are to live so close. Hope you are managing to keep warm. Ros

  7. Goodness the falls look incredible like that.

    I love the mousey pin keep!

  8. Wow, the Falls are stunning.

    My niece in the Buffalo area is also looking forward to Spring ... I forget how many feet of snow they have outside but it's something impressive. :)

  9. Let us hope that March brings us much lovelier weather! Although we've had it pretty soft this year in Southwest Saskatchewan. So I really shouldn't complain. But I will. ;)
    xo Catherine

  10. I enlarged your top photo – what a spectacular snow scene! It’s beautiful but it must be so cold there. Here today we will be in the mid 60s F (18.3 C) and we had one snow day so far. I always wished to see Niagara Falls, from the Canadian side. At work, in my cubicle, I used to have a large aerial photograph of the Falls (in summer!) and looked at it often.

  11. Hello Susan, what a great discovery, you and your beautiful blog! Thank you for your comment about Stillingfleet, it gave me a great opportunity to find you. I love all your pinterest pictures. You live in such a spectacular part of the world, it must be amazing to witness silent falls! But I do now hope and wish for you that this cold and ice melts away and you can enjoy spring soon, as we do now here. I am lucky enough to attend another gentlework workshop, this time in Nottinghamshire, some hours to drive up. Will certainly take the Nikon this time and make pictures of it all. Looking forward to seeing more from you - love the cloche with the little mouse, so cute.

  12. Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by my blog! I did enjoy Sue Spargo's classes and I hope to post photos soon, of all the quilts I have been making. Love your photo of the Falls, how spectacular!!! Is that a lop ear bunny, oh my gosh how adorable!!!!! Of course the cat is sweet too, lol.

  13. Oh, I missed this post Susan and am so glad that I came by to read what you have been doing in what has been a very chilly winter for you up there. Just to see this gorgeous photo of the falls all covered in ice is the thrill of my day! What an amazing thing to see!
    I know that you must have spent most of this winter hunkered down and and knitting or stitching away. I have done the same, for I believe it is the best way to spend a winter for sure.
    I sure hope you see spring soon. It has been beautiful here the past three weeks and I can hardly believe that spring may truly be here in earnest.
    have a wonderful week my dear.
    sending hugs from here....