Thursday, April 9, 2015

Oh The Possibilities

Working for an auctioneer has its perks, there is no doubt…

Last week we had a horse farm auction at which I procured two antique wrought iron hay racks. Once set up on the barn stall wall full of hay for the horses to eat at their pleasure I have found a new life for them…

Being at least 3/4 of a metre wide (more than 2 feet) filled with coconut palm, moss and soil they are perfect for a  hanging garden. One I shall plant with lush vines and foliage…

the other with strawberries. The vines shall soothe my green thumb, the other my desire for fresh strawberry preserves.

I also added to my collection of crystal salt shakers, some that no longer have lids or mates… They are perfect vessels for tiny blooms such as lily of the valley, snowdrops, bleeding heart and lavender… itty bitty in size they are large on fulfilling contentment.

The garden is filled with birdsong, at last Spring has blossomed…

* Some pics via Pinterest, the others from my personal collection.


  1. Oh Susan, so happy you visited me, it's been way to long, but here is how happy I am for you! And very sad for me!
    I have wanted one of these hay feeders dor as long as I can remember.... I had seen one ones in a design book used uniquely yet that one stuck out from the wall and was oblong in shape and much to big for my use but, I would have dealt with it anyways....yet yours with being smaller and that shape of a Front end grill of an older Jaguar car is so perfect. I hope it was free to you, and if not a wonderful price, now seeing yours I so wish I could find one more then ever and painted and chipped and rusted exactly like yours, it's so amazing.

    If you come across another one, and you want to let it go please let me know, I would love to pick one up, plus yours looks like iron, the newer ones not so cool.

    Beautiful post here, happy spring.


  2. I love those hay feeders - they are going to look wonderful planted up. I can hardly believe that your snow has disappeared and you have bleeding hearts already - your climate over there is pretty cuckoo to say the least. Our weather is a lot more gradual and does nothing to shock the system. Love the collection of salt shakers too - as you say - just right for showing off small flowers. Enjoy your weekend my friend - always nice to hear from you.

  3. Wonderful finds! I hope you will share your planters once planted ~ and I love the idea of teeny flowers in crystal s&p shakers. :)
    Have a lovely one, Susan!

  4. Working for an auctioneer? Goodness, it would ruin my budget! I love old things. I am always amazed at how fast they can call out the prices. I had not thought about using salt shakers for tiny flowers. I have many tiny wild violets and wondered what I could use for them – the salt shaker is a great idea.

  5. Oh how fabulous I can't wait to see them all with flowers in, and it will be summer time... and you will be stony broke having spent all your money at work !!!! ha ha I'm just jealous xx and pleased for you
    Hugs Lynn xx

  6. It's good to see that spring has finally sprung at last in your garden, there'll be no stopping you now, especially with those hay racks, I can't wait to see them when they're in full bloom.

  7. Glad to hear that spring is with you! I love the hay rack and the little salt shakers are adorable and perfect for little flowers.
    Have a great week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  8. The hay rack and crystal jars are such a perk! It's so good to see the signs of spring here too! Sarah x

  9. Hello Susan, thank you for your kind invitation across the pond! However, I am afraid that this is a bit far for me for the time being ;-). Congratulations for those metal hay feeders! That reminds me that there came visitors here from North Germany and my friends invited them into their garden the next day---and gave away to them those beautiful huge hay feeders....which were afterwards even not used by them but sold for big money. I like the idea that you will plant one with lush foliage and the other with sweet strawberries. Happy Spring to you - our bleeding hearts are not yet as far, amazing how quickly the season in your area has turned.