Saturday, December 26, 2015


As women we spend most of our adult lives in devotion…

Be it devoted to a spouse or partner, children and in later life parents. We find time for work, keeping a home, creativity, spirituality, friends and all facets of daily living…

Ironically when I ended up in my doctor’s office earlier this week with a reoccurring mild health issue she inquired about all these tests that at my age she would like me to pursue…

I quickly responded I had little time for such being busy with my Mom, work, etc. she said simply it is time in your life to strongly consider “me time”. For without taking care of oneself all the other obligations and functions will not happen if one is not healthy first.

So as we move forward and begin a new year we women should take that advice regardless of our age and be sure to take some “me time” first…

Happy New Year.


  1. Hope you are well Susan, and had a happy Christmas! Yes, taking care of ourselves, easier said than done...hugs, N.

  2. Hi, Your new kitty babies are so pretty and I'm sure they will bring you ,many years of love and joy. I have a precious little four pound Chi boy that is nine and he is also suffering from an itchy skin condition. So far it seems that the diagnosis is allergies and he seems well but I know that the constant scratching can't be pleasant. I hope your baby will improve soon. I too took care of my mother through a long illness and I know that it is so hard and painful for you. Please do take care of yourself and I wish you and your family every comfort.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous photo and your precious little kitty is so cute. Yes, very important to take care of ourselves, after all, so many people depend on us. Wishing you all the very best for 2016.

  4. Excellent advice, and oh how I love the photo of your new kitty!

  5. Very true, my friend, My Dr. let me know in similar words in September. So work away, I must ...on making me healthier.Feeling better does make a difference, I did not know I was feeling poorly!

  6. beautiful and true words dear Susan!
    I wish you the best year ever
    Big big hugs <3

  7. Me time is vital, but has to be taken when the body and mind are ready, other wise the stress and concern are still niggling around! Knitting and reading both give me my much needed 'me' time, but obligations have to have been fulfilled first; just more smartly, so that there is tie left! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016. Ros and Oscar x

  8. I know your doctor is so right Susan. It's just so hard to do for me. After the vertigo thing however, I thought deeply about how I have to work at keeping in good health. Landon depends on me so much and soon my mother will need care. I think I am going to take it more seriously than I have in the past.
    I want to wish you so much joy in 2016 my dear friend. I know you are surely having fun with the sweet kitties by now!
    hugs from me...

  9. A very Happy Healthy New Year to you dear Susan!
    Me time is SO important, tho' it certainly can be very hard to find that time as June mentions. Having M.E. has forced me to pace myself but I find it really difficult.
    Your tiny kitten's are delicious!!!
    Take care of yourself Susan, (did I mention that my 2nd name is Susan too?) :)

    Hugs Jane