Friday, January 15, 2016


The photos I’m sharing were taken by my daughter Jackie McShannon who has been published in the Huffington Post. They capture the beauty of Winter, the magnificence of Nature…

Each one in itself brings awareness to the fine details of feathers and  the vivid colours that are shared amongst the birds.

Even the solitude of the gentle flowing water can be breathtaking.

We are so fortunate to live amidst such glory...


  1. Such beautiful pictures - captured perfectly by your daughter. Such talent - you must be proud.

  2. Lovely pictures and hoping you are finding some peace and joy surrounding you and yours. The kittens home yet? Hoping Maddy is weathering the winter as well as possible too. Hugs and pets all around in abundance!

  3. Exceptionally lively images, Susan. I particularly like the quizzical wee bird with its head cooked.

  4. Noooooooooo! Dratted autocorrect! Of course I meant with its head cocked!

  5. Susan, what a talented daughter you have! I love the photos... love anything that showcases the beauty of nature and God's wonderful handiwork. I hope you are having a blessed New Year! :)

  6. So many miss the beauty of winter. These photos are gorgeous!!!
    Wishing you a good day,

  7. so very Wintery and lovely xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  8. Such beautiful photos. I clicked on the link to see more, what a talented daughter you have, they're stunning. You must be a very proud mum.

  9. yes, such lovely winter images.

  10. Susan,
    Today it is snowing and it's our first snowfall of the Winter, arriving later than normal. I am amazed at Winters beauty in your daughter's photographs. Magic captured and shared.

  11. Wow! What stunning photographs. I've just popped over to look at more. What talented daughter you have! Ros

  12. Yes, Susan you are very, very lucky to live there. It is amazing and so are these photos your daughter took. How wonderful to have been published in the HP! I love seeing your world through your daughter's lens.
    I hope you are well and having a great week my dear. Your place is always such a joy to visit.
    sending warm hugs your way...

  13. Such beautiful images, your daughter is clearly very talented :)

  14. Fabulous photographs Susan, birds are such wonderful colours.
    Do hope that all is okay with you?

    Hugs Jane x

  15. Dearest Susan, your words were the first I read and I was SO cheered up by them. It has been a difficult few weeks not just with my health but with the upheaval of politics as you mentioned. I think a huge number of folk woke up the morning after the referendum convinced that nothing would have changed, so it's been a shock all round. Lord alone knows where we'll be this time next year, but what can you do..except cross everything and hope for the best. :)
    I do wish I lived where you are it looks so beautiful and seems to be as you said, a little removed from all the 'flam-flam'!
    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write Susan I value your words immensly!

    Hugs to you,
    Jane xx